Eco Corner

Environmentally Friendly

Naturally Beautiful

Veneer Specialists is very concerned about the sustainability of our forests domestically and globally.  We want you our customer to know that when you incorporate dyed veneers in your projects, you too are helping to minimize the impact of losing these forests.

Dyed veneers can reduce the amount of waste by up to 30% making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective.  All Veneer Specialists veneers are sourced from areas with controlled cutting and replanting programs.

Our reconstructed veneers in the Caleidoscope collection utilize the fast-growing Obeche tree to replicate such woods as Ebony, Mahogany, Oak, Rosewood, Teak, and Walnut.  In addition, the yield of veneer from one log is approximately 40 times more surface area than from solid lumber.  Together, these facts greatly impact resource utilization.

Environmental Statement

Veneer Specialists maintains a strong commitment to the environment. We are committed to being responsible global citizens in our association with customers, employees and community in which we work and live. Because we understand the potential impact our products and processes have on the environment.  Veneer Specialists strives to be environmentally conscious in all aspect of our company.  We use reconstituted veneers, NAUF products, such as paperback and phenolic which are standard in our production process. We are active in reforestation and fully support its efforts in protecting our forest

Wood veneer is a natural wood product that provides a beautiful wood surface. Veneer Specialists utilizes construction methods to support the efficient use of hardwood material.  The bulk of our veneers are sourced from Europe and Africa. Purchases exclude woods harvested in violation of CITES International Trade Agreement. Forest management is essential to meeting the economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

Veneer Specialists offers the most extensive and consistent array of colors, and grains available for use in projects that require the beauty of wood veneers. We are committed to bring you high quality wood veneer while preserving our natural resources