Wood Sheetgoods

  • Flexible
  • No Staining
  • Hundreds of Colors
  • Available Prefinished
  • Bookmatch or slipmatch


Phenolic is a Unique Performer
Made with a backing similar to those used with plastic laminates, this REAL WOOD product is as easy to use as plastic laminates.

No Staining Required
Because Veneer Specialists veneers are dyed, the color is predetermined and consistent, so the need for labor intensive staining and color matching has been eliminated. One or a dozen manufacturers can fabricate different portions of a project while maintaining color consistency throughout the project. In addition, Veneer Specialists veneers are colored throughout their entire thickness – so they can be sanded or touched up in the field. Stained woods do not offer this flexibility.

Phenolic is Unlimited Design Flexibility
Phenolic is available in
hundreds of colors, patterns and species of dyed wood veneers. Phenolic is a flexible material and can be installed over straight or curved surfaces. Combined with the ability to specify custom sizes and patterns, the design possibilities are limitless. Standard sheet sizes range from 48″ x 96″ x 1/16″ to 48″ x 120″ x 1/16″. (Minimum quantities and upcharges may apply to custom orders.)

Phenolic is Eco-Conscious
The Veneer Specialists line of dyed wood veneers retains the beautiful characteristics of the original species while eliminating the color variations experienced with undyed veneers, thereby reducing waste factors incurred in production. Further, Veneer Specialists’ line of reconstructed veneers replicates desirable woods that have become unavailable or cost prohibitive. These reconstructed veneers are made from abundant woods previously considered undesirable.

NOTE: Phenolic is made with real hardwood veneers. Natural products will fade if exposed to direct or bright light. An ultraviolet shield, shade, or drapery treatment is suggested to limit such fading. Wood veneers will alter their color over time, whether due to ultraviolet fading or simple aging of the wood.