Reclaimed Submerged Engineered Flooring


Thickness: .50” (~1/2”) / 12.7mm

Width: 4.14”

Lengths: 69” Plus set developing random lengths 23”/ 34.5” /47”/ 69”

Species: Reclaimed Dark Oak {Natural color variations allowed}

Edge profile:  Smooth plank with micro edge 4 sides {T&G connecting system}

Veneer or Sliced Face: Sawn face décor

Construction: 9mm multi-ply core {CP/C grade Baltic birch CARB 2 /E1 exterior glue / formaldehyde .04PPM /} with a 2.0mm spruce balancing backer

Wear layer: .09” +/- finish face thickness

Fire Rating: Class “B” Interior wall & ceiling finish category

Pre-finished gloss level: Black putty fill at line #3.5 all open knots & natural color tone fill cracks. – WearMax finish 15% gloss

F.O.B.: Veneer Specialists, Lemont IL

Warranty: Pre-installation warranty: Veneer Specialists will warrant that this product is free of defects and exceeds the industry standards. You and/or your installer should carefully inspect each plank before installation. Any uncut planks that appear to have defects should not be installed and can be returned to the original place of purchase to be replaced at no cost to you.

• Sweep and vacuum floors regularly.

• Never wet mop the hardwood floor. Use a slightly damp sponge mop for normal cleaning.

• For heavier cleaning, mist hardwood floor cleaner onto a sponge mop and mop.

• Never use wax.

• Use walk-off mats at doorways and area rugs in high traffic areas to make long-term care easier.

• Install floor protectors under furniture and equipment to help prevent scratches and dents. Use soft rubber casters for rolling furniture.

Installation: Varies based on subfloor condition and construction

Glues: Varies based on subfloor condition and construction. Installer can recommend which adhesive to use.

Recommendations: Bostiks Best, Dritac 6200-9200, and Taylor

Refinishing: Floor can be screened and recoated multiple times. Full sandings are limited based on skill of sander. It is generally accepted that floors of this construction can have 1 sand and refinish by skilled floor installer.

Species Available:


White Pine: White pine has a rich amber color. It is known for its tight growth rings, density and durability.

Red Pine: Red pine is straight-grained. It contains a red heartwood that contrasts with its yellow sapwood. Red pine is known as “knotty pine” because it contains beautiful knots.

Heart Pine: Heart pine is the heartwood of the old growths of yellow pine. It contains a golden amber color and is known for its strength and beauty. All Pines come in two grades, classic and rustic.





Maple tends to absorb silt when submerged which gives the wood a high color variation. Streaks of charcoal are commonly found in submerged wood, which differentiates it from maple of today. Maple comes in rustic grade only.





Oak is straight grain with a course texture and has a heavy grain. The color variation of oak is light tan to yellow brown to a grayish charcoal. Oak is quite stable and durable. Oak comes in two grades, classic and rustic.





Mahogany is  a straight grain with a fine, even texture. It contains a rich reddish brown deep coloring. It is quite stable and is a favorite or furniture makers. Mahogany comes in two grades, classic and rustic.





Red Birch is obtained from the heart of the birch tree. It has a rich reddish brown color and a curling wavy grain. It has a density similar to oak.

Yellow Birch is a moderately dense heartwood. It has color variation, which ranges from a creamy yellow to a reddish brown. It’s curling grain create a dramatic look. Birch comes in two grades, classic and rustic.