Reclaimed Submerged Veneer

The history of wood veneers span centuries. The process of veneering is an established technique for efficiently handling wood in order to showcase and best utilize the treasured resource.

Using state of the art equipment to pinpoint the exact location of sunken logs and retrieve them individually from the lake or river bottom with little or no silt disturbance, therefore causing minimal environmental impact.

The logs recovered are almost exclusively veneer grade. Veneer grade is the highest quality log available and is taken from the first cut of the tree. Logs used for production of veneers are selected according to size, color, figure and natural character marks.

Our select Veneer is utilized for furniture manufacturing, flooring, piecework, architecture panels. etc. We keep a large inventory of veneer logs and custom slice to your specifications.

Species typically in stock:
Beech, Cypress, Maple, Red Oak, White Birch, White Oak, Yellow Birch


Thickness: 1/32

Width: Varies > 5 inches

Lengths: 99″ to 125″ (Can custom cut for longer material)

Types of Cut: Sliced, Flat Cut, Rift Cut, Half Round and Quarter Sliced

Construction: can be used with any substraights available

Pre-finished gloss level: upon request

Warranty: We warrant that this product is free of manufacturing defects such as de-laminating. You and/or your installer should carefully inspect each panel/sheet before installation. Any panels/sheets that appear to have defects should not be installed and Veneer Specialists should be contacted immediately to correct any issues before installation.


Warning: Natural markings, including mineral streaks, eyebrows, pin knots, etc. are not considered flaws. Prior approval must be obtained before returning raw veneer.