Stone Veneer

Veneer Specialists’ newest product: Stone Veneer panels that replace the need for natural stone in both residential and commercial applications. Using Veneer Specialists’ Stone Veneer panels have many positive environmental impacts. Veneer Specialists’ Stone Veneer panels are man made and do not require mining or stripping of our land. This step eliminates the deterioration of non-replenishable natural resources. At Veneer Specialists’, we believe the heart of being green is making every effort to participate in recycling.










Raw Materials:
Veneer Specialists’ Stone Veneer contains Portland cement, Fly Ash, Aggregate and Iron Oxide Colors. Iron Oxide pigment is produced from metal oxides recycled from iron. Generally, the recycled content is about 60% Fly Ash and is 100% recycled from coal fired electric plants.

Flat Panels, Corner Panels

7 lbs per square foot (approx.)

1 1/2″ +/- tolerance due to hand casting

4″ +/- tolerance due to hand casting

16″ +/-  tolerance due to hand casting

Panels should be installed on a horizontal level plain using level chalk lines as reference points. Panels should not be installed vertical. Install panels from multiple boxes to insure a proper blend of color and size variation.

Production Mold:
Veneer Specialists’ mold process implements a closed loop system that allows for the re-use of hot melt rubber. This saves in production of raw materials used when making new molds.

Stone Kilns :
Veneer Specialists’ Stone Kilns generate their own heat 75% of the year. This saves energy costs in the production process.

Production Waste:
Currently 80% of the scraps created through manufacturing are used in construction site fill and diverted from landfills.

Veneer Specialists’ will continually maintain our goal to manufacture a product that is resilient for decades without depleting the natural resources needed for future generations.