The Spectrum Collection

Dyed natural wood veneers in eleven species – click on the woods below to see the multiple colors available in each species. Custom colors available! Call to inquire for further details.


Each log is carefully selected for quality before processing. After cutting, the natural color variations in the veneer are neutralized. The veneers are then dyed in vats using a computer calibrated process for consistent color production.

No other coloring/staining process allows the beauty of the natural grain and figure of the wood to show through as well as this dyeing process. You will experience a dramatic increase in veneer yield due to reduction of natural flaws and natural or existing color inconsistency.

 NOTE: This website provides indicative colors of the Veneer Specialists line.  Actual veneer color may vary from this website.  Call your sales representative for veneer samples of colors that interest you.  There are additional colors, patterns and species available.


Thickness: 1/42″
Length and Width: Varies by species and log