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ColorWall Prefinished Wood Wallcovering

Phenolic Wood Sheetgoods (prefinished available)

2-Ply Sheetgoods (prefinished available)

Various Cores (prefinished available)

Paperback (prefinished available)

Prefabricated Veneer Faces


Stone Veneer

Reclaimed Submerged Veneer

Reclaimed Submerged Engineered Flooring

Raw Veneer

All panel products are available in either bookmatch or slipmatch.

Bookmatch: Every other piece of veneer is turned over so adjacent pieces (leaves) are “opened” like the pages of a book.

Visual Effect – Veneer joints match, creating a symmetrical pattern. Yields maximum continuity of grain. When sequenced panels are specified, prominent characteristics will ascend or descend across the match as the leaves progress from panel to panel.




Slipmatch:  Adjoining leaves are placed (slipped out) in sequence without turning, resulting in all the same face sides being exposed.

Visual Effect – Grain figure repeats but joints do not show grain match.