Two Distinct Collections

There are three collections that make up the complete line of Veneer Specialists dyed wood veneers.  Each of the collections has its own unique advantages.  We invite you to explore the possibilities – click on the collection names below to see these beautiful veneers.

NOTE:  This website provides indicative colors of the Veneer Specialists line.  Actual veneer color may vary slightly from this website.  Call your sales representative for veneer samples of colors that interest you.  There are additional colors, patterns and species available.

As with paint, carpet, upholstery and other items sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) light, avoid exposing wood products to direct sunlight.  Wood veneers may alter their color over time whether due to ultraviolet fading or simple aging of the wood.  An ultraviolet screen, shade, or drapery on windows is suggested to limit this fading.  Use only non-yellowing finishes that contain UV inhibitors.

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