Why choose dyed veneer

Hundreds of Beautiful Wood Veneers
The Veneer Specialists line of dyed natural and reconstructed wood veneers includes hundreds of colors and patterns.  We invite you to explore natural species such as Tulip and Birdseye Maple, or reconstructed veneers in exotic patterns from Veneer Specialists’s Collections & Colors . You’ll see that the design possibilities are endless.

Complete Line of Wood Surfaces
Every color of Veneer Specialists veneer is available as wallcovering, panel products and other wood surfaces.  We invite you to explore our full line of
Products and once again, you’ll see the design possibilities are endless – fixtures, walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, casegoods, and more…  Only Veneer Specialists offers this full range of wood surfaces in hundreds of colors and patterns.

Dyed Veneer = Color Consistency
Because Veneer Specialists veneers are dyed, the color is predetermined and consistent.  One or a dozen manufacturers can fabricate different portions of a project while maintaining color consistency throughout the project.

Dyed Veneer = Cost Savings
For designers and architects, dyed veneer saves design time, review time, and your color specification.  For manufacturers, dyed veneer means that the need for labor intensive staining and color matching has been eliminated.

Dyed Veneer = Field Repairability
Veneer Specialists veneers are colored throughout their entire thickness – so they can be sanded or touched up during manufacture or in the field.  Stained woods do not offer this flexibility.

Dyed Veneer = Natural Beauty
The dyeing process enhances the natural beauty in all woods – especially in figured woods like Anigre, Birdseye Maple, Sycamore, and Tay, where the “flash” becomes very pronounced.  The beauty of wood with other coloring or staining processes pales by comparison.